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Diverse Kindergarten

My Services

Find the help you and your child need through Applied Behavior Analysis,

a data driven approach to teaching socially appropriate behaviors.


1:1 ABA Therapy

Provide 1:1 therapy that is uniquely customized to your child’s needs and goals. After an initial assessment a treatment plan will be developed that will include highly individualized programs for each specific child based
on the child’s academic, social skills, daily living skills and behavioral needs. Every 6 months the child will be
re-evaluated to ensure appropriate treatment plans are updated.


Special Education Itinerant Teacher (SEIT)

Provide individualized school-based facilitation for students in their mainstream educational setting using least intrusive methods to generalize skills and foster the growth of social and language skills.


Potty Training

Provide customized potty-training plans and support to families and caregivers who may be struggling potty training their child.

Family Time

Parent & Family Training


Work with parents, families and caregivers to facilitate carryover of skills into the home environments. Families will learn how to apply effective techniques at home, while being provided with the support and guidance to create a more positive experience.

Teacher and Student

Behavior Modification

Work with children in the context of their natural environment (home, school, community) to increase functional skills and decrease maladaptive behaviors.

What is ABA?

Applied Behavior Analysis, ABA, is a scientific based approach to analyze a child’s behaviors. After analysis, data driven decisions are made to determine appropriate interventions to evoke socially positive behavior change.

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